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Str Opurbo
Jun 19, 2022
In Welcome to the Forum
article, and three hours writing it. If the article fails because the idea is not what you wanted, three hours and 15 minutes of your time have been wasted. Now, if you can extend the Job Function Email List time you spent on ideation to Job Function Email List one hour and still spend three hours writing an article, and the article is a success, the extra 45 minutes is well worth it, right? Extend your idea time so you don't waste hours creating, says @SujanPatel. Click To TweetDon't be tempted to rush into this content creation process. Making sure that your idea isn't bad is never a waste of time. Job Function Email List Rush through these bits and there's a good chance you'll end up wasting all your time. Confirm interest in an idea. Job Function Email List This is a mistake I've seen marketers make time and time again (and I gladly admit that I'm at fault myself). I would call it ideation blindness. It's a state where we come up with an idea, and because it's our idea, we automatically think it's pretty good (if not great) and worth going with. Job Function Email List This is a problem, especially since our brains don't always act in our best interests. Job Function Email List Science writer David DiSalvo describes this phenomenon in detail in his books What Makes Your Brain Happy and Why You Should.
Job Function Email List Not What You Wanted
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Str Opurbo

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